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Rangers Land Darvish!

Yeah, it’s old news by now (hey! The site was down to protest SOPA/PIPA yesterday), but the Rangers reached an agreement with Yu Darvish. Look out, American League. The reigning champs just got a bit tougher. Which is good, since it’s not like the hated Angels have been quiet this offseason.

K Is For Kerouac

Jack Kerouac was one of my favorite authors for years. Technically, he still is. But at my age its hard to keep romanticizing a guy who had as many problem and as much baggage as Kerouac did. I don’t think I’ve actually read any Kerouac in a good 15 years, and that’s probably a shame […]

I Is For Imaginary Baseball

I’m a sucker for baseball. Major League baseball. Minor League baseball. Fantasy baseball. Heck, I even enjoy completely imaginary baseball. Yep, I amuse myself from time to time with the exploits of fictional baseball as simulated by a solid little program called Out Of The Park Baseball. I’m not J. Henry Waugh crazy about it, […]

B Is For Baseball

I like baseball. A lot. But I didn’t always. I played it when I was a kid and I was terrible. I partly blame this on everyone not having realized I needed glasses until 4th grade. But I have to accept that I have exactly one iota of athletic ability in my body and it […]

Quote Of The Night

“This parrot manufactures bites the way Mike Scioscia manufactures runs.” That’s Zoe. She’s a 10 year old white capped pionus. She’s sweet and evil all at the same time. Does that make her sweevil? Who knows? She and I have a special kind of relationship. She adores me and wants to rip my face off […]

Does This Actually Surprise Anyone?

Not if you’ve been paying attention, it doesn’t. FanGraphs tags the Houston (Dis)Astros as the MLB team with the worst present, bleakest future. If the Astros had demonstrated organizational strengths that allowed them to bring in young, cheap talent to surround guys like Pence and Wandy Rodriguez, there would be some reasons for optimism. Instead, […]

Sabermetric Cartoons

Laugh while you learn about the mad numbers of Sabermetrics… More delightful baseball cartoons at the creator’s YouTube channel.

Vladdy Vlad Vlad!

Sure, it’s a puff piece, but hey! I love to read nice things about one of my all-time favorite baseball players. A revered figure and bona fide rags-to-riches story, the most feared presence in the Orioles’ lineup spends nearly every morning with a box of fan mail by his side. Guerrero signs everything: the shiny […]