Words To Drive The Spiders Mad

the first four characters if this waits, patchwork arguments like the way Wilson keeps an omniscient god. thirty-five dollars, buddy. “Drummer the bus,” I told him. I was on a bus. we run the encyclopedias. we are this place. the nights I laughed. inform norton. inform norton.

But Seriously, Folks…

Ignoring the cut-up madness above, welcome to yongi.org \-\ the central internet home of the man they call yongi. They call him other things as well (some of them quite insulting), but for now, we’ll stick with yongi.

Why “yongi?”

Edward Lear has the first part of your answer. Tomfoolery has the other part. Blend them together and \-\ despite the spelling differences \-\ you get yongi.