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L Is For the lloyd-tones

After quite a number of years of playing bass in a rock & roll band in Austin, I quit making music for a while. The last breakup of the band (there were many along the way – we burned through guitarists the way Spinal Tap burned through drummers) was rough. Very rough. Divoice-like in its […]

K Is For Kerouac

Jack Kerouac was one of my favorite authors for years. Technically, he still is. But at my age its hard to keep romanticizing a guy who had as many problem and as much baggage as Kerouac did. I don’t think I’ve actually read any Kerouac in a good 15 years, and that’s probably a shame […]

J Is For Jetking

I’m in love with a guitar*. It’s the guitar that seems to have been built just for me. I’m talking about the Ibanez Jetking II (first run only). At the time it was launched (2003-2004) I was getting back in to making music for the first time in a good five or six years, and […]

I Is For Imaginary Baseball

I’m a sucker for baseball. Major League baseball. Minor League baseball. Fantasy baseball. Heck, I even enjoy completely imaginary baseball. Yep, I amuse myself from time to time with the exploits of fictional baseball as simulated by a solid little program called Out Of The Park Baseball. I’m not J. Henry Waugh crazy about it, […]

H Is For Hipstamatic

Somebody recently said that Hipstamatic (the “vintage photo” app for iPhones and such) was “like Autotune for photography.” And though I get what they meant, I also have to disagree. It’s not so much Autotune as it is adding analog hiss back into a digital recording for “warmth.” That is, it’s somewhat false and pretentious, […]

G Is For Games

I like to play games. No, not with people’s heads or emotions (well, not outside of actual games, anyway), but actual sit down and play a game games. Board games, card games, dice games, role-playing games, video games, drinking games. You name it. If it’s a game, I’m game. It’s not too much of a […]

F Is For Father

My father died when I was quite young. It was a tragic thing, of course, but we’re also talking about something that happened more than 30 years ago, so addressing it doesn’t get me all emotional. In fact, not much about the topic of my father does. I mean, honestly, I barely knew the man. […]

E Is For Empire

Having been precisely the right age for Star Wars when it was released, I was also exactly the right age for The Empire Strikes Back a few years later. Like most people, I am of the mind that Empire is the best film of the entire Star Wars saga. It has humor, drama, romance, action, […]

D Is For Duckie

Like most married folks I’ve known, my wife and I have pet names for each other. Before we were dating, when a coworker of particularly odd humor kept bringing her incredibly ugly stuffed ducks to use as decorations at her desk, I took to calling her “Duckie” and ultimately it stuck (though sometimes it is […]

C Is For Conan & Cthulhu

I’m something of a geek, in case that hasn’t already been made clear. And as such, I’m a complete sucker for fantastical, pulpy goodness by the likes of Robert E. Howard and H.P. Lovecraft (fancy degree in “lit-ra-chur” from the esteemed University of Texas aside). The visceral power in Howard’s Conan stories appeals to the […]