I Is For Imaginary Baseball

I’m a sucker for baseball. Major League baseball. Minor League baseball. Fantasy baseball. Heck, I even enjoy completely imaginary baseball. Yep, I amuse myself from time to time with the exploits of fictional baseball as simulated by a solid little program called Out Of The Park Baseball. I’m not J. Henry Waugh crazy about it, though. I just find that I occasionally want to drift off into a world of make believe, where the difficulties of real life and real baseball don’t matter. It’s a world where the colors are like something from an old photo and the sounds are crystal clear while still being faintly tinny.

Part of this is that, despite being very much not a “math guy” I still like numbers. I like box scores. I like the idea that the central stories of baseball can be told with a handful of stats and an understanding of how the game works. It’s a strange kind of magic, and OOTP lets me experience that feeling without having to think about the story behind the story. Unless I really want to. And if I do, I can go crazy telling myself stories of noble heroes and vile villains and their exploits on the diamond.

I like to build worlds in my mind. Imaginary baseball lets be do just that.

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