H Is For Hipstamatic

Somebody recently said that Hipstamatic (the “vintage photo” app for iPhones and such) was “like Autotune for photography.” And though I get what they meant, I also have to disagree. It’s not so much Autotune as it is adding analog hiss back into a digital recording for “warmth.” That is, it’s somewhat false and pretentious, but it also helps make digital pictures (which can be exceptionally harsh looking, especially when taken by novices) much more compelling to look at. I say all this as a rank amateur with regard to photography and a far from amateur when it comes to music.

I’ve found that the iPhone (and, even moreso, iPod Touch) pics I’ve taken with Hipstamatic are just plain nice to look at, while the regular i-device camera pics are less than enjoyable in most cases. There’s a depth of experience that comes with the faux aging that Hipstamatic does that I appreciate. Of course, that might be just because I’m old enough to remember taking crappy pictures with the kinds of toy cameras that Hipstamatic makes pics look like. And if that’s the case, so be it. I’d rather enjoy pictures than dread them. And I’d rather enjoy taking pictures than doing what I did for years, which was to avoid cameras at all costs. It’s good to have at least some things captured in a way that my failing memory can’t.

I don’t update the site very often, but you can see a handful of the Hipstamatic photos I’ve taken at the Tumblr blog I set up for just such things: Lux Caducum.

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