Tumblr, Oh Tumblr

Tumblr is upping the ante on curation a tad, which is good. I like the interface at Tumblr and the semi-microblogging taste appeals to me. But it just feels so isolated over there. Maybe this will help it feel more interconnected, the way it does at wordpress.com. Now’s the time to note that I don’t use wordpress.com, but I have in the past and I think it’s generally a good thing. I just wish they didn’t feel the need to charge for every little thing beyond the basics. I know they need to make money off a free service, but it’s just too constraining to me not to be able to monkey with the themes beyond a little palette change or something. Oh well. Here I have my own place that no one visits, but I can paint the walls any color I like. Works for me. I’m kind of a hermit, anyway 🙂

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