SXSWi In A Nutshell

My personal highlight of the South-by-Southwest* Interactive Festival (so far, but it’s unlikely to be topped) was watching two disinterested, poorly-paid street teamers working for rival software companies blindly (and blandly) pushing their apps on each other. Welcome to the echo chamber to end all echo chambers.

*And please, people, stop calling it “South By” – that’s just weak.

SciFi Book Covers

Odds are you’ve seen these before, but just in case you haven’t (and so I have them saved somewhere) here are two great sites that show off some great SciFi book covers:

There’s some overlap, at least when it comes to Penguin books. But both sites are enjoyable excursions into the cool graphic design and sometimes great art found on these classic books.

Oh, and they both have the image I ripped off for the lloyd-tones‘ EP.

Tumblr, Oh Tumblr

Tumblr is upping the ante on curation a tad, which is good. I like the interface at Tumblr and the semi-microblogging taste appeals to me. But it just feels so isolated over there. Maybe this will help it feel more interconnected, the way it does at Now’s the time to note that I don’t use, but I have in the past and I think it’s generally a good thing. I just wish they didn’t feel the need to charge for every little thing beyond the basics. I know they need to make money off a free service, but it’s just too constraining to me not to be able to monkey with the themes beyond a little palette change or something. Oh well. Here I have my own place that no one visits, but I can paint the walls any color I like. Works for me. I’m kind of a hermit, anyway 🙂

WordPress Download Monitor

I’ve had some good luck lately with the free and fairly easy to use WordPress Download Monitor by Mike Jolley. The sites I’ve needed to use it on have definitely benefitted from having good stats on their downloads. So if you’ve got the need, give it a shot.

Fighting With M- And N-Dashes

WordPress, god love ’em, include a bunch of code in their installs to help you not be a bad person who uses hyphens as dashes. And that’s great – if you’re not using a web font that doesn’t include m- and n-dashes (like, say, the one I’m using here). If you do find yourself with mysterious white spaces where those dashes should be, you can either change fonts or you can hack the code to get rid of the substitution. Guess which one I did?

Happy Hait Day

On this day in 1327, Bartholomew Hait was the sole survivor of the Plague of Bears that befell the small English village of Shirewyck-Villeton. Hait avoided death by not covering himself in honey and acting a fool as was the village’s customary way of celebrating St. Valentine’s Day. When the Sheriff’s men arrived several days later they found Hait gaily going about his business, not particularly troubled by the deaths of his friends and neighbors. “Miss them? Heavens, no. They were a bunch of silly twunts, most of the time,” Hait is reported to have said.