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Christmas Lights Ahoy!

I finally got off my butt and put up the crimmis lights. Now it’s time to crack a beer, sit back and watch ’em blink, and listen to a classic…

And we’re back…

I seem to have recovered the site from the some WordPress hacking it fell victim to.  Now let’s see if I actually start writing again…

boingboing’s boring magazine cover contest

boingboing is having a contest to design “a mind-numbingly tedious magazine.” You should enter, too. Because it’s fun. Here’s my offering:

Interrupting All Alphabets

I was doing so well with the Alphabet Blog Challenge thing, wasn’t I? And then my blissful (yeah, right) unemployment was interrupted with a new job. At a startup. Which means I’ve been working instead of blogging. I still intend to finish the challenge, it just won’t be done before the end of April. In […]

L Is For the lloyd-tones

After quite a number of years of playing bass in a rock & roll band in Austin, I quit making music for a while. The last breakup of the band (there were many along the way – we burned through guitarists the way Spinal Tap burned through drummers) was rough. Very rough. Divoice-like in its […]

K Is For Kerouac

Jack Kerouac was one of my favorite authors for years. Technically, he still is. But at my age its hard to keep romanticizing a guy who had as many problem and as much baggage as Kerouac did. I don’t think I’ve actually read any Kerouac in a good 15 years, and that’s probably a shame […]

J Is For Jetking

I’m in love with a guitar*. It’s the guitar that seems to have been built just for me. I’m talking about the Ibanez Jetking II (first run only). At the time it was launched (2003-2004) I was getting back in to making music for the first time in a good five or six years, and […]

I Is For Imaginary Baseball

I’m a sucker for baseball. Major League baseball. Minor League baseball. Fantasy baseball. Heck, I even enjoy completely imaginary baseball. Yep, I amuse myself from time to time with the exploits of fictional baseball as simulated by a solid little program called Out Of The Park Baseball. I’m not J. Henry Waugh crazy about it, […]

H Is For Hipstamatic

Somebody recently said that Hipstamatic (the “vintage photo” app for iPhones and such) was “like Autotune for photography.” And though I get what they meant, I also have to disagree. It’s not so much Autotune as it is adding analog hiss back into a digital recording for “warmth.” That is, it’s somewhat false and pretentious, […]

G Is For Games

I like to play games. No, not with people’s heads or emotions (well, not outside of actual games, anyway), but actual sit down and play a game games. Board games, card games, dice games, role-playing games, video games, drinking games. You name it. If it’s a game, I’m game. It’s not too much of a […]