A Is For Avian Alarm Clocks

Am I signaling my intent to participate in the April A-Z log challenge with this post? DamnifIknow. But it seemed appropriate on just about every level. So here we go.

Zoe In MotionI live with two parrots. Zoe, who will be 11 this year, is a white capped pionus who (as noted previously) can be very sweet when she wants to be but, more often, is vicious. A friend who is uncomfortable with birds often reminds me that my life is in danger wit this violent creature in the house. And it’s probably true. But look at those eyes! It is impossible to believe just how much personality can be crammed into a tiny 200g thing with feathers.

The answer to the big question is yes, Zoe talks. She say her name (in a lot of different ways). She says “hello” with intonations ranging from sweet to pissed off, entirely depending on (and appropriate to) the circumstances. She also says “What’s up with that?” – a phrase she learned from another bird when she was being boarded one time. She has a few permutations of these things, but that’s the bulk of it. Oh, there’s also the great mysterious “mawah” word that no one understands and what we the people of the household interpret as “wow!” But that’s really the extent of it.

Leo At RestAnd then there’s Leo. He’s a blue mutation of the classic green quaker parrot (aka monk parakeet) who will be two in June. He is just settling into his life as a pet bird after having been raised more with an eye towards being a breeder. But settle in he has, for the most part, and now he’s a love sponge who wants to play or be scritched all the time. He’s still a little cage territorial (that probably won’t change) and he loves to chew fabric – you’ll have holes in your shirt pretty quick if you’re not careful around him.

Leo is just now starting to speak. He’s got his name down fairly well and “hello” and “good boy” are on the way. It’s my best guess that he’s going to turn out to be very talkative before too much longer. And then I’ll have to watch what I say a lot more closely.

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