Does This Actually Surprise Anyone?

Not if you’ve been paying attention, it doesn’t.

FanGraphs tags the Houston (Dis)Astros as the MLB team with the worst present, bleakest future.

If the Astros had demonstrated organizational strengths that allowed them to bring in young, cheap talent to surround guys like Pence and Wandy Rodriguez, there would be some reasons for optimism. Instead, however, the plan has been (and continues to be) to use resources on guys like Clint Barmes, Bill Hall, and Brandon Lyon, all of whom could be useful role players to a contender but serve to offer no real long term value to Houston as they try and rebuild. The team has revamped their scouting department after years of not investing in the draft, and while that could pay off long term, the help won’t come any time soon.

I can’t help but cheer for the Astros when I watch them, of course. I just don’t watch them all that often any more. In part because they’re lousy and stupid and don’t appear, as an organization, to understand jack about baseball anymore. But also in part because of the absurd and draconian blackout rules that MLB saddles its fans with. I can’t get Astros games on any of the internet-y options because I happen to live within the borders of the state of Texas. Never mind that Houston is a 2½ drive from my house. Oy.

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