Script Frenzy

Yongi’s Office. Interior. Day.
Just outside the room two parrots – ZOE and LEO – angrily complain that their breakfast hasn’t been served yet. YONGI is typing a blog post after having seen something interesting to him on the internet.

Script Frenzy:Scriptwriters::NaNoWriMo:Novelists

Where “Scriptwriter” covers a pretty broad swath of scribes. I don’t generally go in for these sorts of bandwagony writing things (no offense to people who do – whatever gets you writing is good) but oddly I find this one slightly compelling. It’ll probably pass, though.

But just in case it doesn’t, there’s always Soul Coughing to keep me company…

Speaking of this song, in case you haven’t stumbled across You Are Listening To Los Angeles (New York/San Francisco/Chicago/Montreal), you should give it a listen.

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